The International Conference on Military Communication and Information Systems (ICMCIS) will take place on 13-14 May in Oeiras, Portugal, in conjunction with the 54th IST Panel Business Meeting. Held as an STO Information Systems Technology (IST) Panel activity (IST-209 RSY), ICMCIS 2024 will be organised by the NATO Communication and Information Agency)

The ICMCIS is the largest scientific conference in Europe on military CIS. It provides a forum for exchanging ideas and knowledge on the development and implementation of advanced ICTs for military systems.


ICMCIS covers important scientific topics and technologies relevant for defence C4I (Command, Control, Communication, Computing and Information). The subjects include military information exchange, processing, storage, protection, and presentation. Papers should address high quality research in the following topics:

Architectures for Distributed C2 Systems

  • Cloud and Edge Computing
  • Interoperability Solutions for Heterogeneous Systems and Multi-Domain Operations
  • Military Internet of Things
  • Data-Centric Security and Zero-Trust Architectures

Intelligent Information Systems for C2 and Intelligence

  • Data Management, Quality, Access
  • Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Multimodal and XR-based Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Human-Machine Teaming

Military Communication & Networks

  • Wireless Terrestrial and Satellite Transmission (including antenna technology)
  • Resilient Tactical Networks
  • Network Orchestration and Management
  • Non-EM Communications: Quantum, Optical, Acoustic

Cyber Security & Information Assurance

  • Cyber and Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA) Countermeasures
  • Counter / Adversarial AI
  • Homomorphic and Quantum-Safe Encryption
  • Information Assurance & Digital Trust